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AIDA partners are very well positioned in the EU landscape of Research and Innovation projects developing new technologies for LE, particularly in relation to the use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This facilitates the strengthening of a community of academia, industry and practitioners working together to fight crime and terrorism.
Co-dissemination efforts will be made in close collaboration with ongoing EU-funded projects, to help boost each other’s impact. Specific actions will be agreed with projects at a bilateral level and may include:
  • Mutual cross-reference of projects on the websites;
  • Promotion of milestones, opportunities and events on the websites and newsletters of projects;
  • Participation in events, workshops, panels etc. organised by the projects;
  • Active participation in online networking platforms developed by the projects;
  • Exchange of best practices, knowledge and information during ad hoc meetings.

Ongoing EU-funded projects working towards similar goals as AIDA are listed here below.


Advanced tools for fighting online illegal trafficking 


Researching cyber criminality to design new methods to prevent, investigate, and mitigate cybercriminal behaviour.


Interconnected Next-Generation Immersive IoT Platform Of Crime And Terrorism Detection, Prediction, Investigation, And Prevention Services


Technology, training and knowledge for Early-Warning/Early-Action led policing in fighting organised crime and terrorism


Fighting crime and terrorism with an IoT-enabled autonomous platform based on an ecosystem of advanced intelligence, operations, and investigation technologies


Deep AR Law Enforcement Ecosystem



Europe fights against crime and terrorism


From mobile phones to court


Global Response Against Child Exploitation


Immerse. Interact. Investigate.


Intelligence network and secure platform for evidence correlation and transfer


Lawful evidence collecting and continuity platform development.


Multimedia analysis and correlation engine for organised crime prevention and investigation.


Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information.


Preventing Radicalisation Online through the Proliferation of Harmonised Toolkits.


Real time network, text, and speaker analytics for combating organized crime.


A human factors based (VR) training framework for decision-making and acting capabilities under stress and in high-risk situations for European LEAs.


Cross-Border Access To Electronic Evidence


Scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities.


APPRAISE - fAcilitating Public & Private secuRity operAtors to mitigate terrorIsm Scenarios against soft targEts - will build on the latest advances in big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and advanced visualisation by creating a robust security framework that will improve both the cyber and physical security and safety of public spaces.


ALIGNER: Artificial Intelligence Roadmap for Policing and Law Enforcement brings together European actors concerned with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Law Enforcement, and Policing to collectively identify and discuss needs for paving the way for a more secure Europe in which Artificial Intelligence supports law enforcement agencies while simultaneously empowering, benefiting, and protecting the public.



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